Special packages for Sunderland Lounge

We have produced a number of events at the wonderful Sunderland Lounge venue in Hobsonville Point.

Sunderland Lounge is a fabulous venue, operated by the Hobsonville Community Trust. It's a great, versatile venue for many different types of events.

The Trust, in conjunction with Concept Productions, recently added a lighting system into Sunderland Lounge. This system (known as the "house rig") provides a number of basic lighting options for events, which we can add additional lighting to, as required.

The house rig has four lighting pipes mounted near the ceiling and has the following fixtures:

  • 6 Moving Head Washes - these are great for creating pools of light, or for front light for a stage.
  • 4 Mini Moving Head Spots - with fixed colour wheels and a variety of gobos - these are great for providing effects, such as shapes of colour on the walls or floor.

The house rig is controlled by a simple lighting controller which allows programming a small number of scenes.

More sophisticated lighting is possible, but requires a more sophisticated control system, which we can provide.

Choose the package that's right for your event
Use standard house rig, with basic scene programmed
  • House rig
  • Basic scene programming, set-up and shut-down
  • No moving lights
  • Operation (if required) at $30/half hour
  • Designed for basic use
Light up the room with additional lights and programmed control
  • House rig
  • Plus 4 T-stands with 4 lights each
  • Mirror Ball (if required)
  • Programming a show, with automatic changes
  • Lights change and can move
  • Make a real impact
* May be subject to a refundable security deposit if unattended
Custom Design
Fullly designed and operated show.
$450 +
  • House rig
  • Design consulatation
  • Additional lights as required
  • Fully designed and operated show to your requirements
  • Cost based upon quantity of lighting fixtures + complexity of show
Running an event for a good cause? We offer substantial discounts for community or charity events.
All prices are inclusive of GST